Dear Soulmate

Dear soulmate  Thank you for showing me the sky. Where the birds fly high as my ambitions after a rain storm. Where the clouds are as fluid as my existential comprehension. The sun as potent piercing as your eyes on my soul. The blue as clear as my eyes for you.  Thank you for showing me grass. Where the seemingly insignificant can house the uncountable infinity of thoughts I have. Where the vibrant green gleans because of the compassion of others. The strands as soft as your fingertips on my soul. The  soil as authentic as my craving you.  Thank you for showing me masks. Where I hide myself from the world because of my insecurities. Where other hide when they interfere with me. The one you take off exclusively for me. The one I take off exclusively for you.  Thank you for getting duck butt hair cuts. Thank you for having a million pairs of underwear. Thank you for appreciating mine. Thank you for shaving your face so you can give me endless sweet kisses with your crooked smile.  Thank you for showing me the tragedy in the world. Thank you for making it simple and undiscriminating. Thank you for flooding me with purity. Thank you for letting me flood you with myself. For touching not my body but my mind. For saying make love instead of fuck. For noting my favorite places in the world in your soulmate book. For belonging in my lungs more than air has a right to.  Thank you for showing me drowning is ok. That labels don't define anything. That we can be in the red void together.  Thank you for showing me you.  Where my being resides indefinitely. Where I feel more than just your heartbeat. The vibration that only we share along with Elliot and Whitman. The place in the universe where I belong.  You are the place in the universe where I belong.  

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