Dear Society

Dear Society, do we exist anymore?

The moment we come into this world you grab hold of us like prized possessions

The clothes we wear, the games we play, the language we speak, you control

Out there someone is screaming out “help me!” but all you care about is a selfie

Selfie, see nowadays we become selfless only to be slaves to technology

Technology is all around us from when we wake up, to when we go to sleep

From Snapchat and Facebook to the place holders we carry in our pocket

I often ask, “Do you know who you were before technology?”

One day my teacher asked “What have you as a generation accomplished?”

It took everything in me to bite my tongue and not say “nothing”

See, technology programs little girls into believing being a coke bottle model is the way to be

It programs black people to be scared of Police while screaming “Black Lives Matter”

And it sucks us in how many “likes” you have to have to be “popular”

“popular” aka photoshopped pictures materialistic items, and tons of fake friends

I wish that I could let the world know that it’s okay to let the pain show

We are a generation that is constantly down and depressed

Why should someone have to change who they are just to be accepted?

If we cried we would be seen as weak

But, we need to break those chains and be unique

Everyone is human, everyone has flaws, and everyone is unique

So, Dear Society

I am pulling away from you like peeling away a band aid. Fast and to the point

No more will your control and standards choke me from the inside out

I am unique and I matter

That’s why I am taking back humanity

Are you with me?


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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