Dear Society

I know you weren't built for me, but 


Can you give me a bone?

I was born with not one, not two, but three minority identifiers:

Black, female, bisexual.

Thank goodness I believe in the one,

Christian God

or I would have never survived my twelfth birthday.

Dear Society,

Let's talk about those three minorities for a second.

I'm black as hell.

My hair is nappy.

My skin is brown.

I like fried chicken.

I have to constantly worry when I see a police car.

I can never be more than the ratchet mess or the sassy friend. 


Why do I have to cast of my skin and my fellow brown brothers and sisters to be taken seriously?

Why is the highest compliment to be told,

"You're not like the others. You're intelligent and respectable"

By white people who could learn a thing or two from the people they write off?

I'm proud to be a girl.

I wear short skirts and like showing off my body.

I wear makeup and often put a lot of time in deciding on outfits.

I also will kick someone's ass in high heels and a dress.

I have to have eyes on the back, sides, and front of my head to look out for predators.


Why do I have to scan for monsters in the night trying to steal my own body away from me?

Why does your misogyny have to apply to me?

Why do I have to work twice as hard to get paid equally?

Why do girls feel the need to only have guy friends and feel proud of that?

Why do I have to nip and tuck and starve myself to reach your unattainable standards?

I'm bisexual, 

Which, to the less woke of us, 

Means I can be attracted to anyone, regardless of gender.

The key phrase is "can be" because just because I'm not straight does not mean I want to hit on you

For so many reasons, one of which is because I'm a social hermit.

I'm out and proud now, 

But I was scared to come out,

Scared to have bisexual be like my shadow.

My sexuality follows me everywhere I go and sometimes people see it before they see me.


Why do I have to be branded a slut because I don't put restrictions on love?

Why can't I be bisexual without being called "scared to be gay"?

Why do people of the same faith as me spread hate when all I want to do is love?

Dear Society,

I wouldn't trade any of my identifiers for the world, 


Can you please consider those of us who live in you that aren't a majority?

Can you take a hard look in the mirror and make a positive change?

I know a lot of us would appreciate it.


A Triple Threat

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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