Dear Senator Murkowski

The World and The Wolf

The world may be wide

Far-reaching and near


The world may be welcoming

Ajar for you and I—


The world may be wicked

Corrupted for all—

Saved for few


The world may be wizened

Absorbing the nature, we see


The world is the wolf

 Majestic and steadfast

Unadulterated in pureness, victim of corruption


The world is a world— The wolf is a wolf

Quiet, common and blue— Quiet, common no longer, piercing with blue


The world may be wading

Moving through open space—


The world may be just a figment—

Humanity a blissful reminder


The world is a wolf

Gone too fast, majestic no more, uncommon a gift of our own.


The world is a wolf

Evil at glance majestic and elevated in review—


Killed without  justification

Killed without emotion


Killed by “states rights”

Killed by ignoring facts


Killed by Senator Murkowski.


-Colin Cieslica

This poem is about: 
Our world
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