Dear police.

When you’re feeling blue

and empty inside,

the pain that you hold, 

Could never be told,

Words can’t describe the anger you hide,

So you scream, you hold so much doubt!

Love isn’t enough when there’s nothing else there

I picture it now and I see it clear.

When your Corruption & violence,

Caused nothing but silence.

I looked up to you,

But you took that away,

Now I fight to live another day,

With those memories you left,

Breaking my bones,

Leaving me un whole,

I questioned myself,

I asked why,

Never getting an answer,

You victimised,

you Dehumanised

Assassination of character,

My heart ached, 

And my soul died for a while, 

You took away my will to live!

But now I’m stronger, 

 Despite what you did!....

you taught me a lesson;......

 life is short and soo beautiful,

You can never take that away

I still appreciate the Sunshine, rivers and trees.

I still have love in my heart and fire in my soul,

so I want to tell you,

Your corruption and violence was all in vain.

#KillTheBill #KingstonPolice #JusticeForHannahBambii 





This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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