Dear My Guardian Angel

Fri, 06/06/2014 - 18:26 -- elton1


Throughout my whole life, I know an angel was near by,

a guardian, a protector, and a friend from on high.

My angel's a strong warrior, and his battles were many,

when it came to spiritual warfare, we haven't lost any.

Although we've been riding for nineteen years strong,

I'm afraid that pretty soon, that I must say so long.

So long my invisible friend, that i may never see,

even though i was broken, you swore not to leave.

Even though the bad news is me saying that you're fired,

I would like you to know about the 'fill-in' I hired.

Her name is Zanora, she's a friend from my past,

despite all our fears, I'm sure we will last.

Her smile is so beautiful, and her nose fits just right,

she's my ride or die queen, from her good mornings to her good nights.

Her eyes are so precious, they are my glistening lust,

and her curves, SWEET JESUS, so firm and robust.

The words from her mouth are only cloaked in truth,

she's everything i need, my Boaz to her Ruth.

When she gets angry, i swear it's so cute,

but don't tell her that or she'll give me the boot.

Nothing is more powerful than a woman that can pray,

and a face i can wake up to, and see everyday.

I wonder if guardian angels can understand love,

because to me, both of you, were sent from above.

Even though this decision wasn't hard for me to choose,

she is that one gift to me, that i choose not to lose.

I know that you're mad but you will soon understand,

that your little boy Elton, is finally a man

Sincerely your human who found himself an Angel


(wrote this to the woman who is now my future wife)


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