Dear Mr. America


Dear Mr. America,

Despite my best efforts to keep away you continue to reel me in

You have wined and dined me

Wooed me with promises of freedom

A better life, a new world


You caressed my face with the hands that struck my ancestors

And I trusted you

You brushed my lips with those kissed roughly and left bruises

And I trusted you

I thought we were in love.




And yet here we are

On the brink of an internal implosion

Staring at each other across the frontlines and I hate what you have done to me

You took what faith I had

You made me believe in a fantasy and

You broke my heart

How dare you stand there?


How dare you whisper sweet nothings in the ear of the next girl

One hand on her heart the other on the ass of Lady Liberty

How dare you act like the relationship between you and liberty is anything but a ruse

You do not believe in freedom you believe in captivity

You believe in stunted growth

And you do not believe in me


You have taken my freedom and presented it as though I should be honored to have it

You have taken my color and painted a canvas of preconceived notions

You have created an art gallery of what you would do to me

A painting of a rope on tree under dim lighting

A picture of a single rusty fountain spewing cloudy water under a sign that reads Colored


You have called on me for entertainment and I ran thinking you were everything good in this world


Mr. America you are a liar.

You have convinced me that the darkest shadows are hidden under the brightest lights

And you were the sun.


I have no home to return to.

You took me before I was born and now I have nowhere to turn

Mr. America you have broken everything and yet

I stay

Waiting for you to return to the man I knew you once were

I imagine you sweeping me in your arms with the familiarity of true love

And I can see your blue eyes reflecting a future for the two of us

And I am happy.


But happiness is fleeting


Yet I continue to wait like a fool

Thinking it will be different once we have both grown

But you cannot change those who have no desire to

And as we meet for our quadrennial anniversary

You disappointment me once again.


This poem is about: 
My country



This is dead on. Awesome job.


this is... honestly amazing. wow


Good job!


I have never posted a comment before, but that was something powerful. You are a great writer.


I know I'm late, but I love the personinfication in your poem. This is something I could read again and again.


This is great! 



The personification in your porm is an unique approach; however, I'm confused on a few things. When you say you're waiting for America to "return to the man" you once knew him as, are speaking of the ideal expectations you had for America, or are you refering to a historical period? Secondly, is the speaker a person from the past, such as a civil rights activist, or is the speaker in the present? I hope you can clarify for me! Thank you.


Hi! Thank you for your comment and questions. I'd be happy to clear a couple of things up. The line "return to the man" is definitely more about hopes, dreams, and expectations of America rather than an actual period of time where America was "great." It is really just a nod to what we like to think America is, what we imagine the country to be as children even. To me the speaker is in the present, I imagine the speaker as a person looking back on a long list of ugly memories and forgotten transgressions. The anger is one that has manifested from the past and the present, though I imagine the speaker as more of a modern figure. Of course everything is open to interpretation but that's sort of the direction I was going!

Hope that cleared it up!




This is amazing. I have not reaad a poem that felt so genuine in a long time, and so to this poem and poet I am grateful. 

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