Dear Mother - A Villanelle

Dear Mother - A Villanelle


  Dear sweet mother, do not lay your head to weep,
   There is much to do and much to say,
   And now is not sweet death’s day to reap.

   Your soft lines of age run so deep,
   But they hardly leave you looking gray,
   So do not lay your soft head to sleep.

Memories are made so cheap,
   So let’s not waste this sweet chance away,
    Any obstacle we can conquer and  leap.

   There is much to have and much to keep,
   If you choose to take my hand and stay,
   Nothing will stand in our way.

   This binding loves does so seep,
   Into these words in which I pray,
  I ask again to stall your sleep.

   Dear sweet mother, do not weep,
   These gentle tides will pull the other way.
    Do not let your sweet spirit fall to reap,
    And come to play where your daughter lies deep.


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My family
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