Dear Monique

Dear mom.

You are my hero.

Your hugs give me the warmth of a blanket of clouds.

Our blanket forts make me feel like I’m in my own world.

Your mickey shaped pancakes with berries as features show me you care.

You are my best friend.


Dear mom.

Why are you always in your room.

Come out, ma.

I really need a friend right now.


Dear mom.

Sis is one now.

I taught her how to crawl.

I wish you’d come out to see.


Dear mom.

What did I do wrong?

My grades are dropping.

I'm no longer happy.

The neighors keep asking where you are

Me and sis need you


Dear mom.

These streets are getting cold.

Instead of buying what’s ruining you, I wish you’d get us help.


Dear mom.

I’m sorry they took me away. I couldn’t stay quiet anymore.

I’m tired of giving my hopes up.

I wish you would’ve listen to my cries of help


Dear mom.

I’m proud of you.

You’re doing it- you’re overcoming this

We're going to be together again. I'm getting my best friend back.

I love you.


Dear Monique.

And yet another broken promise.

I hope it was worth it.


This poem is about: 
My family


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