Dear Mom and Dad


Dear mom and dad,

You ruined me

You stripped me of my identity and destroyed everything I believed in

I tried to be the person I always wanted to be

But you shot me down soon after

You thought you had been guiding me on the path of success this whole time

But instead, you had been guiding me down the path of despair.

Dear mom and dad,

Words cannot describe how unhappy I am

I put my trust in you and hoped you would understand

I thought you’d tell me it would be okay

But you didn’t

You said you’d be there for me

But you sent me through a never ending tunnel of sadness.

Dear mom and dad,

At this point in life

I feel like my time is running out

I wish that I were dead.

It’s your fault that I am

It’s your entire fault.

But I guess you’ll never fucking understand that either.

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