Dear Men in Blue


United States
33° 37' 47.946" N, 84° 15' 34.1496" W

I’m praying hard for better days
I promise I’m going to hold on
So many of my brothers dead and gone
Flying high with the man in the sky 
Looking down
Waiting for something to be done
We go around screaming and protesting
Retweet the hash tags
Is that all we can do? 
What the white man fails to realize is:
We only want one thing. 
A simple solution
Justice and EQUALITY
We’re not asking for REVENGE
We don’t want or need any problems
However, that message hasn’t been received
What would happen if Black people came together?
Why are you so afraid of us?
Why do you have the idea that we want to cause you harm?
Why can’t white people comprehend that we want the same thing as them?
To be able to walk to the corner store
To be able to reach into our pockets
To stand outside on the corner
Why do I need to fear my life?
Whenever I see a police officer?
Why do I feel like I’m a criminal?
Why do I feel like I’ve done something wrong?
Then it all hits me
My black skin is a crime
My black skin can cause bodily harm
My BLACK skin puts fear into others
My BLACK skin makes me guilty.
Never mind the fact I’m a college student with 
Dreams and ambitions 
Never mind the fact that I am a female
The problem is my melanin. 
Who knew it could be so powerful
So powerful that it causes an entire race to shoot first
And ask questions while I’m lying on the ground
My blood seeping into the cracks of a broken society
Who knew that my skin could be an epidemic?
That has no cure.
Who knew I would have to reconsider having kids?
Because I would have to fear for them
Who knew I would have to fear for my future husband 
So handsome, so tall and ambitious 
Skin the color of bronze and hair like wool
My king, who knew?

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My community
Our world


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