dear me

dear me...

how did you manage to open your eyes this morning?

only hours ago

your heart felt heavy

beating slowly in your chest

with your head against the pillow

wondering how you could ever

make it another twenty-four hours.

how did you manage to get out of bed this morning?

only hours ago

your feet were tired

of running away from everything

that didn't bring you joy.

it's hard to find joy sometimes

when you're confined

to four walls.

lacking the freedom that

you had only weeks ago.

dear me...

what are you going to do now?

now that you're older by another day?

are you wiser?

are there things you understand now

that you never understood before?

are you still tired?

still tired after hours of rest

after hours with your eyes closed

after hours in the dark.

dear me...

it'll be okay. 

dear me...

there's always another day.

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