Dear Master, I Love You


United States
40° 55' 47.8704" N, 92° 4' 34.77" W

I don't know what this feeling is,
But I want to share it with you.
I want constantly to feel your presence,
To know I'm protecting you.
To feel all the pain that you feel,
To have you know that I'll love you right,
To let you see that no matter what happens,
I'll be there to hold you through the night.
I love you with all my heart,
With every blood cell and strand of my soul.
I could never dream of harming you, or anyone else,
Even beyond my sanity's toll.
Dear master lovely, this pet may be next to silent,
But the silence subsides in my eyes.
Their adoring sparkle says, "I'll love you always,
Until the moon falls from the skies."
I only hope that you'll take me in,
And tell me you love me from time to time.
Besides such, I ask only for your company,
The only comfort I'm sure to find.
Dear master,
Please keep me.
You are my everything.

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