Dear, Jep


United States

Dear, Jep

Can I be your shoes,

And walk between your shadows and above the grass?


Can I be your backpack,

And carry me off the train and up the hills?


Can I be your jacket,

And protect you from the wind and the sunshine?


Can I be your belt,

And pull you up, even when you don’t need me to?


Can I be your sweater,

And mask you from the pollution and confusion?


Because I can’t be your rug,

Sleeping next to your bunk bed.


Because I can’t be your phone,

Lighting up your darkness occasionally.


Because I can’t be your dress,

Hanging in your closet waiting for Sunday.


Because I can’t be your notebook,

Only holding your most important words.


Because I can’t be your house key,

Being used when you need to be home.

 Love, Taylor

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