Dear Insecurity


My biggest enemy,


Always tearing myself down

Covering myself with layers upon layers of,

A mask to hide the demise of my courage, my confidance.

That word..


What does it mean anymore?

To love one self?

Or to act as though I do?

My confidance hides in the foundation, primer and contour covering my flawed skin.

The light behind my eyes are hidden by the eye shaddow and thick lashes I apply each morning.

Each morning, I step on the scale and the numbers pile on top of me until it's hard to breath.

I need to lose the weight before the asphyxiation devours me....

These are the things you have put into my head.

"I am not good enough"

"I am not smart enough, I might as well not try"

"I am not skinny, so I have to stop eating"

"I am not pretty without makeup"

You are wrong!

What makes me any less beautiful?

Any less powerful?

I have learned to fight you, for myself.

I will not look in the mirror and cry, any longer!

I will fight you, for my sanity.

For my family,

For myself..

I am beautiful, without makeup.

My body is perfect the way it is.

I am smart enough, and i will PROVE it.

I AM good enough..

I WILL prove you wrong..

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