Dear India

you ever get that gut feeling?


but accurate.

eyes travelling to his,

bile rising in waves

striking the shore of my mouth.

taste as putrid as

the feeling of his hands creeping and twisting around

my body like snakes on

sandalwood trees.

look at the worlds colliding.

holy men camouflaging under

wraps of orange.

sheathing aphotic souls.

red equates to purity

bindis lining foreheads

what about blood stained hands?

one that seeped from the bodies of the innocent?

priests vowing chastity raping away the

virginity of children,

many under 13.

where is the change?

the punishment?

for crimes so heinous

from those compared to God

where are the ears to hear screaming voices?


your women are dying.

murdered and


make them stand again.

make them speak.

make them SCREAM.

the anguish,

the pain,

the fury,

they have endured.

oh, lionesses

what have they done to us?

worship the gold between a womans legs

instead of tearing into it like


predators need to be hunted.


turn your land

into one 


of rapists.

in a country where "ma" is so respected,

it is as if

the women behind it







This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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