Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,

This may sound cliché,

But I’m writing this for a scholarship,

That may just come my way!


I hope that you, of all people,

Are finding the fun in life,

Smiles, laughter, practical jokes,

Amidst the world’s turmoil and strife.


I pray you would fix your eyes,

And that you set your sails,

On a future that is much bigger than you,

And remember: His will prevails.


I hope I meet you wise and well,

But nonetheless contented,

‘Cause once I heard, “A knight in shining armor,

Never had his metal tested.”


All these things I desire for you,

But I’m still not off the hook,

For I must also live and learn,

And give you a reason to look.


Outer beauty doesn’t last,

Inner endures longer,

And I pray this for both you and I,

That our faith in Him grows stronger.


And although this poem was written,

On the off chance of some money,

I hope you have a sense of humor,

That may find this a bit funny!


Much love from the past,


This poem is about: 
My family


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