Dear Friend

Dear Friend,

You are


From you hair to you nose

Your freckles to your toes,

You were created for this,

You were created for life.


Dear Friend,

Why is the darkness so close,

Boxing in your mind and heart

Taking charge

And taking



Dear Friend,

Your ribs do not show most

When you are strongest

Your circumstance is hard but

No mater how much you try,

You cannot control it through

The calories you count,

The portions you control,

Your muscles and bones scream:



Dear Friend,

The darkness has boxed your mind,

Your heart is faint and hurting,

Your circumstance has taken the light

And I’m hear shouting, pointing,

Look through the cracks,

Invite the light.


Dear Friend,

Your memory has faded,

You are so translucent

I did not recognize you.

But I still love you.

Invite the light.

You are



This poem is about: 
My community


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