Dear Flawless You Do Not Exist


On this block 

She is not the one 

Being flocked at 

Through and through 

Do not let them fool you 

Strong to the core

Oh you can surely adore 

Looking straight on 

She is far from flawless 

As for what beauty speaks 

Deeper than skin 

She is a whirl wind 

She has the thrill 

Of all that is real 

Through and Through 

Inside her soul 

She has a mold

That can hold 

The greatest of love 

She is flawless 

In the way she believes 

That she has this ability 

To see more then 

Just what others speak 

Sharp and strong 

True clear emotion 

Since she is always in motion

It is not the beauty that

Makes her flawless

She is flawless 

For she considers 

Her flaws 

Not her weakness

But her

Beautiful strength 



My original poem. 

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