Dear Fictional Friends

Dear characters from screen and page who live inside my mind,

I take comfort in knowing that you’re with me all the time.

When I am sad and wish for comfort and gentle moral might 

You wipe away my tears, sweet Qui-Gon Jinn, my Jedi Knight.

When I need a clever way to see a hard task through,

Sly Loki, you inspire me and I know just what to do.

When I am struggling to find the good in others,

Luke Skywalker, you show me how you did it with your father.

When anguish steals away my joy and tears my soul apart,

I beg of you, oh, Davy Jones, cut out my aching heart!

Whenever something leaves me in a state of great confusion,

Sherlock Holmes, you deduce and lead me to a solution.

Whenever I am bored and life feels far too commonplace,

 My fictional friends, you come and bring a smile to my face.

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