Dear Father

Sun, 02/11/2018 - 11:52 -- ddiaga

Dear Dad,

Should I call you my “Dad”?

There was this little girl who had a strong desire to spend quality time with her father

“Where were you when I wanted to go to the park?”

“Where were you when  Mom gave birth to me?”

“Where were you when bills had to be paid?”

“Where were you when I wanted to go to the park?”

“Where were you when I felt like spending  time with you?’

These thoughts often  swirled among her like a slithering snake

You  can afford to spend more than a single dime on clothes and shoes for yourself

But you couldn’t  take the time out of his day to spend time with your daughter

Nor buy her a single necessity

It’s been this way from the start

Just the single thought of it, slaughters her little heart

And tears run across her face like the flow of a river

There are some fathers out there who have legitimate reasons for their absence

But this is not the case

You fail to realize that she is getting older and more wise as the  years pass by

She no longer chases  after her father, the race is officially over

18  years passes by and she is all grown up

“He is nothing but a deadbeat Dad” she said

She looked down at the floor in distress

“He always puts himself  in expense” she said

Your priorities are  all mixed up

Coming from a family of  minorities

Mom tried her best to make sure our “ father” was around

You often  roam the street doing god knows what

Every now and then you often come around in your Mercedes Benz

It was then until then one very early morning,

Mom  asked “Where have you’ve been Honey?”

She came in storming through the doorway

You said “I’ve been really busy”

Mom said  “Oh really?”

“So why were you roaming the streets then and who is that girl?”

I saw the a look of  denial on your face

Your  heart beating at such a fast  pace  

Mom suddenly had  the heart of a stone

Her love and trust for you vanished

And Guilt and fear took control of you

The queen rose  from her throne

You was then banished from  home

They both said their farewells to you

Suddenly the bright sunlight beamed through the house

The uncomfortable feelings of resentment to you disappeared

The feelings of misplaced trust and repressed emotions shattered

On that very day closure was received

And it made us the strong women we are today

It seemed as if your presence was just in non-existence.




This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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