dear distraction,

dear distraction,


don't show your shoulders

don't wear low shirts

no open-toed shoes


don't wear tank tops

don't wear skirts

no sandals, that's only for dudes


don't wear sweatpants

don't wear crop tops

don't even think about capris


please tell me why I am restricted

when the men can go about with ease


you tell me no black turtleneck

when a boy is wearing briefs above his pants


your excuse is a "distraction"

like a fight or a chant


please tell me how many guys

have seen my shoulders

and fell to their demise?


I am not a distraction

I am not asking for trouble

I like to wear clothes without looking for any action


so excuse me for my knees

excuse me for my shoulders

excuse me for being a "tease"


I am not a distraction

I should not be discriminated

I can wear what I want without an infraction



a person, not a distraction

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My community
My country
Our world
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