Dear Brother

You say I am attacking all men

But in the same way that you loudly proclaim 

not all men

Whenever any injusitice committed against women


Not all men are being attacked

No, brother, I speak for our mother's smile

that get's sadder year after year

I speak for our sister

and the fact that at any moment, she could lose

the wonder in her eyes

I speak for my inability to walk home alone at night

because even though I know

I am more likely to victimized by someone I know 

I can't help being afraid of the strangers 

lurking behind the shadows

I speak for my friends

who don't get paid as much as their male counterparts

I speak for the women, and young girls

who have been ripped of their innocence

I speak for the girls, murdered ruthlessly 

simply becaue they said 


Or because they are blamed for the hurt 

someone else commited against their bodies, souls, and minds

I speak because as a woman, my worth is based on my sexuality

I speak because my worth is based on my ability to carry a child

I speak because my worth is based on my wifely abilities

I speak for the women who choose to never marry 

and are harshly judged for this

I speak for the stay-at home mothers,

belittled for their choice to stay at home

I speak for the batterd wife, girlfriend, partner

and yes, I speak for the battered men as well

I speak for the men who stand by our sides

I speak for the men bullied for embraicing their feminity 

I speak for the men suffering through depression, 

the ones who chose to seek help,

and the ones too ashamed to seek help

And brother, I speak for you, so that one day 

you may live in a world where you are allowed

to cry and nurture others

without being shamed for it


This poem is about: 
Our world



I seriosuly love this so much. 

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