Dear Brother

Are you aware that the ground you step on is a golden path for me to follow
And every door you walk through is a diamond-encrusted gate.
Every person you meet, every you shake I am standing right behind you from the moment your eyes flutter closed, to the moment you stand in front of that bed and stretch for the sky because you know that even though you aren't aiming for the moon you are getting closer every day.
Dear brother
Don't you know that those words you speak lift up the deaf and help the blind to see
Can't you see that those long drives into neighborhoods you've never been, and doorbells you've never rung are the key that unlocks the door of glory?
Ah, dear brother
You see that bright road ahead?
The road sign in big letters shouting 'FUTURE'.
Brother of mine, are you not the son of a nonstop worker? Aren't you always in drive like the racecar drivers I see on the television screen. 
Big brother
Big brother
When you walk on the streets you walk softly, oh, but brother, when you dream you dream big and to chase that dream you run after it feet pounding into the ground disturbing all 
People look at you and ask "Who is that boy, running past like he's seen a ghost?"
I just smile and move along.
Brother of mine, you walk with a wide stride just so I have to keep up, still following in your footsteps.
When your Nike tennis shoes and four skateboard wheels scrape the ground with your initials KD I know, you bet I know that in no time my in totals MC will be so close to yours almost like a constellation, joined together in beauty and magnitude.
Oh, brother when you fall I may fall too but I will be there the minute your knees scrape the ground, do not sigh in defeat, look down at the ground, to your left and see my Sperry's and my hand waiting to help you up. Try again, brother, because you won't fail too many times, He won't allow it.
Pick yourself up, dust yourself off. Life is like an ocean, beautiful, yet it can get rough and pull you under, and brother? See the sky, taste the rain so you remember what it's like to have sweetness when there's nothing but salt on your plate. And brother, claim your win, this is your world to own, at least a little corner of it.
But dear brother, don't let people corner you in, bust out like a prisoner and let the world know that this world is yours for taking, because you've been pulled under, tasted the rain, had the salt on your tongue...
But yet, oh brother, you
Dear brother of mine, smile more, so that one day you may outshine the sun.
Dear brother, spread your fingers wide and catch and count the blessings that fall on you,
Because of you dearest brother, you are my number one blessing, and you are the first I count, dear brother.


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My family
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