Dear Blind Knowledge

Dear Blind Knowledge,

I see that you are struggling with the information that was placed in front of you, I see that your eyes of wisdom have been darkened by the lies and pain from the violent and neglectful source that claims to be a helping hand in your upbringing. I hear it, the wheels behind your head are cracking from your new vision of the world that was coated in black soot.  The veil of harmony is now being broken and ripped from the contents in your soul, I can’t see, you can’t see, where are my eyes, your inner goddess screams, where are my eyes your inner warrior beats, your eyes respond in a very powerful yet earnest plea, I’m here my sister, I’m here my brother, My eyes, your eyes never left, though at times we have misused them, our eyes wide to see what’s coming, our noses big to smell the lies and deceit coming our way, our hips that knock and enslave many that come into contact with us, so that they know, “Hey, I’m a woman,” blind man, blind woman don’t fret my love, your time is coming, the call for a new perspective is near, your minds must wake up, we need you, the woman needs you, the children need you, to wake up, my blind people it’s time to see.


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