Dear Black Girls,

I need you to remember that you are more than just some sweet ride or a warm place to reside in the cold of December.  I need you to understand that you are royalty divine and that you are the strong roots of Earth’s plenty vines. .  I know that it gets hard; there are times you long to be held by something strong and fine.  However, do not settle for cheap vodka or being just a dime.  For centuries your worth has been redefined and readjusted to “just a woman” as if it is less than valuable.  However, if not for woman then there would be none.  If not for the woman, who bears the pain of birth this earth would be populated with nothing but livestock and dirt.

Biblically we learn that we are the helpmeet, backbone, pulled from the side of Adam as he closed his eyes, the victim of the serpent in the Garden of Eden, where the mother of all met her demise.  However, do not too quickly settle or take blame for all the many ways we have been renamed and defamed.  My only request is that you take a moment to redirect your thinking, see this situation through different eyes.  My dear you are virtuous, beautiful, tender and kind.  If not for the backbone, which keeps the head stable, how could the man stand with pride and hold his head high.  If not for the nurturing and gentle characteristics of you my Queen what would happen to the King. So do not count yourself unworthy and hang your head down low.  NO….understand and accept the beauty you possess.  Unleash you strength, walk not in what society sees you to be, but display your glory for the world visually, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually

Intelligence and resilience is what I aim to instill. You are not just some hole for in seed to spill, so much more do you have to contribute.  Please, answer this question for me, what is it about your existence that they fear?  Are they scared to allow you to be free from the bondage and chains of a stagnant and unprogressive society?  Stakeholders in a belief that they remain superior by putting you in a cloak of shame, we all make bad choices and yearn to belong.  We all have opportunities and barriers that may or may not come along.  We all deserve to experience life without disregard and disrespect.  We all should be allowed just be.

No this is not just another “black woman be free” silhouette, no my dear this is a petition to you and me.  To all the little girls struggling to find and share their desire to establish their identity.  This is a civil enactment to every person brown, blue, or beige you deserve the right to life, liberty and their pursuit of happiness. This is a Declaration of Love, a Proclamation to Freedom to without constraint progress through this journey to who you are destined to become.  Your identity is not who others decide you see when you stand in front of that looking glass, she is who you determine you are.  She is whom you chose to share with the world not the person others prefer you be. She is you, her and me.

So please do not take this a scolding this is one little black girl sharing her thoughts with her friend. “Each one teach one” the old folks would say, so I open my heart and share my pain to prevent another little black girl from walking my path again. None of us was born with the answers to ever problem we encounter.  Many of us have walked a path of abuse, scorn, heartache, and pain.  Some of us have become complacent and excessively familiar with being treated this way.  Some of us have come to accept that our name is bitch, hoe, stupid or whatever else comes through their lips.  We have much more to offer than what lies between our hips.

Share it but cautiously, protect it with all your might.  Learn who you are and understand who you will be. Take heed to this warning; gird yourself with knowledge and discernment, for not all you encounter will have your best at heart. Do not be afraid to be alone, be patient learn to listen to things that those around you do not say.  Learn to love your solitude so that you will be able to appreciate time-shared. Become comfortable with being who you desire to be. I declare that when you develop the courage to demand the respect and loyalty that you will obtain the ability to give the world a prime example to see.

So from this little black girl to another please walk in your royalty.

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