Dear Black Girl

I am black 

And I am a girl 

And with these traits I hold danger in my arms like a mother to a son she wasnt ready for 

How could you ever be ready for the world when the world isnt ready for you ?

Day after day confusing you 

Mentally and physically abusing you 

Who is it that failed to get through to you ?

Im glued to you because sister believe it or not im just the same as you 

We got different faces, but we mimic the same pages 

We all setting hopes upon dreams that we are constantly chasing 

Mentally erasing everything that becomes breath taking

Chest levitating 

Trying to light the path for the road we are constantly paving 

Our once innocent feelings being constantly broken 

Solid brick walls are the shields that we build with 

Hot sweat and shea butter blend is in our blood thats what we are mixed with 

And even though our voices come in different ranges and we all sound a little different 

You can hear the similiarites in our past if you just listen 


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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