Dear Author

Tue, 02/13/2018 - 01:15 -- Madde

Dear Author,

I am your biggest fan

As I greatly enjoy my existence, I would like to say your work is splendid

You’ve kept it interesting, thrown in a lot of plot twists, and I’m starting to think I may be a main character in this novel of your.

So, in order to prevent on obvious Greek myth-like demise,

I am investigating me character flaw

My Achilles heel,

The one thing you would use to screw me over,

I did not think it would be this hard…. or require a poem to explain.

But here we are

The easiest flaw of mine would to say that I was arrogant.

Now, I know I’m the smartest person in the room, but….

No really,

I always want to be heard,

Not like this,

Not patiently waiting at a microphone,

But pushing my thought into conversation as though that would somehow make it seem that I was adding something to it

I sometimes confuse this with passion,

And I admit they are similar,

But at the end of the day, it seems I am always more interested in how I sounded,

Rather that how I listened


You’re a sneaky bastard.

As any author knows,

The maddening toil,

The longing for sleep,

Can make anyone, especially the author; really want to kill off his or her characters,

And I appreciate the fact that you haven’t,

But did you really got to make me this anxious

Sometimes, I can just feel myself wanting to scream out into an empty classroom,

Except it isn’t empty,

And it’s not a classroom

-Its summer,

And I begin to worry my coworkers.

If there is a person to over think,

To over worry,

To plan every worse case scenario I am your girl.

But, dear author, this is not my flaw.

Or at least my character flaw

A character flaw would be the one to ultimately lead to the characters demise-

Worry and overthinking have saved hundreds of lives…at least in the books I’ve read.

No, dear author, I think I’ve figured it out.

I’m lonely. Or rather lazy. Their synonyms in this case.

I could excuse myself now,

Use the classic saying of “I’m an introvert”

Or “I’m socially awkward”

But we both know that’s not quite true, is it?

An introvert is not a lonely person- they’re just a person who needs to be alone.

Being socially awkward may be a sign of a character trait, but it is also a sign of lack of adaptation.

This universe you’re creating is full of many diverse and strong characters- I should note that

This is not to reflect on mental illness though- I do realize there is a difference,

My depression may be a part of this,

Is part of this?

But when one goes to the doctor and gets told they have to do physical therapy,

They need to do physical therapy

I need to do the same.

It is difficult to admit you’re lazy about something, when it is not necessarily a graded aspect of life.

I’m lonely I say to a room full of people.

I’m not really lonely

I am not alone

You wrote me parents, a sister, a brother, I have friends, I have relatives.

I admit my character flaw- I want to see how this story moves on after this

I need to move on to the next page author.

So, can you give me a peek?


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