Dear Anxiety

Dear Anxiety,

I am tired

I am the punching bag

That you constantly beat

I lie awake in bed each night

Broken and bruised

Thinking you have won

And when I see that morning sun

My thoughts start to spill

Over my bed

And onto the floor

I want to scream until my throat is sore

I feel the pain knocking at my door

I can’t take this anymore

An army of a thousand men

Have come to take my mind again

I am no longer in control

Of my thoughts, feelings, soul


Dear Anxiety,

I am lost

I am the raft adrift the sea

And you are the unforgiving ocean

My motivation is fleeting

So much that this fake smile

Is all I can manage as a greeting

My head pounds

Almost as hard as my heart

You make me think

I am at war with myself

But you

You are the one I am fighting

And although I know

I am not to blame

I still lie awake in bed each night

Swimming through my mind

I know this battle is far from over

When I see that morning sun

And my thoughts start to spill



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