Dear America

Dear America why have thou forsaken me?

The so called land of the brave and home of the free. Why aren't thou brave enough for me? My name's Alfred Wright. I was a black man. My conscious is actually writing this for me.

I'm in the woods. My tongue's been cut out. My eyes have been gouged out. They've peeled my face off. They've cut my ears off. They've dismantled me physically and mentally.

I can't feel my body anymore because I'm dead. The only thing that's left of me is my mind. And I so desperately ask of you America, where's my justice?

They've thrown me in mud like they've done my ancestors. Am I even worthy? Do I even have a voice? Can anyone hear ME? I wish I would have been armed that day both physically and spiritually.

I was practically defenseless with nothing and no one to cling to but God. These supremacists took me away from my kids. They get to see another day while my body lies here in decay.

I beg of thee, why can't you hear me? At least thou O'Texas. Listen to the sound that echoes my miserable cries, if one even care. All I need is a little notoriety to expose this country for what it truly is.

You have forsaken me & I am no longer at your mercy. The so called land of the brave I and others craved. To the so called land of the free I make this decree: Do justice and judgment in the land, please politicians have this plan.


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