Dear Alaskan Boy...

Mon, 02/05/2018 - 19:30 -- baylxe

Dear Alaskan Boy,

I don't think I told you about this particular story, but my mother always told me, 

that you have freckles on your face and angel kisses all over the place.

She told me, that my guardian angel wanted to keep me safe,

but she never told me, that my guardian angel could kiss more than one face.

It's almost as if our love was mediocre and our angel was an invoker for love. 

Once we shared our secrets, we both earned each other's uniqueness. Two angel kisses,

in the same exact place, even though, we had only met in different states. It's almost as if

our guardian angel, let fate decide, for us to meet. Oddly enough, we did.  On our own

ear to ear, thinking we were soulmates., and maybe those angel kisses whispered

how we felt from 2,000 miles away from each other. Sadly, we told our goodbyes

so harshly, so foolishly, even though those angel kisses tell a story about how we once were

in love and ran off foolishly thinking that our love would last, silly to think it only exists

in those two freckles.


I hope you're doing well Alaskan Boy,

Yours truly,

BayLee Pevehouse



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