Dear the 40%

40% of marriages end in divorce

40% of vows taken are empty promises

Empty lies

Empty nothingness.

They take you, to have and to hold from this day forward

Until things get too hard and they just give up.


I understand why people change their minds

People say that they want to do something

Say something

Be something.

And then they suddenly decide otherwise

Like a switch has flipped in their brain.


What I don’t understand is why people change their hearts

People say that they love this

Love that

Love you.

And then they suddenly decide otherwise

Like a switch has flipped in their heart.


How can you look at someone you loved,

Once upon a time, and feel nothing

Feel empty

Feel hollow?

How can someone you once passionately loved

Now be someone you intensely hate?


How does someone fall out of love?

If you love someone, isn’t that forever

For always

For eternity?

Even if you could change your mind about someone

Shouldn’t the heart win?


Maybe in a perfect world

But this is far from a perfect world; there is mayhem

And fallout

And bloodshed.

Why should the heart not be a casualty

In this great war we call life?


I always understood why people change their minds

And maybe now I understand why people change their hearts

Feel nothing

Fall out of love.

It’s because someone can so carelessly give up their heart

And not spare it from the evils of the world.


So maybe I should change the salutation of this letter

To something more fitting to the situation, like Dear Mother

Dear Father

Dear My Broken Family.

And instead of just signing my name at the bottom

Sincerely, your three young children.

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My family
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Wow, I was thinking how relevant this poem was to society but feeling it lacked something until you took it to a very personal level in the last sentence and left me rereading it a couple of times. Well done.


Thank you so much! It means a lot to me that you took the time to read my poem not only once, but multiple times.

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