Deafen In

My soul winks
The place the order of time blinks
Seemingly battered dragging on my Peaceful limbs
I crumble my heart subtle
Subjected to plain ruins
Smoothly rough guild of tiny mischief

O' spare me realisation
The lessons I've learned
That be that not a matter punishment
Click stick to my picture
The blur focus on my face
I pace the disgrace grace my gaze
O' spare me the realisation

Heck brilliant bright
Away from light a near slight
The ray I carry
My soul winks
Splatter or what
The future gains no light

The shrilled tenor
Silences in terror
This me or
A feature of my greedy error
I swallow the shredded grandeur
So lost my end is my endeavour

Sunken I saw the sun came
You were all I've waited for
My darling bright yellow
Your brilliance i wish to burrow
Again am in the middle
But can't decide where to go
My fate is not in my hands

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