Deadly Walk

Ahha, what a pleasant dawn !
Come on, get up everyone
Up and ready to go
Yes for a walk we should go
Mama, Baba, sis and grandma too
Come look at the sky, so light blue
With patches of clouds floating around
Chirping birds, composing melodious sound
Listen to the whistling of cool breeze
Just like a referee's breet
Rustling of the leaves in the trees
And buzzing of the hovering bees
Glad we are all together
May it be always and forever
In this gentle atmosphere
Suddenly what do I hear
vroom zoom, whoosh swoosh, very near
Something hit hard, thump and thud
The sounds I just heard
And cries, wail, whimper and yelp
Screams of help help and help
One by one these outcries die
The sounds that came nearby
Waa-waa, waa-waa
And then silence of death
Ceasing of breath...
Slowly opened my eyes
And questioned myself
Am I dead or alive
What about my family, who did survive
A person standing in all white
Whose face matched his dress in fright
Oh my child, oh my dear
He said to me and came near
Your family has gone, gone away
May God give you patience, I just pray
Wait .... wait, what did you say?
Mama and baba, sis and granny are gone
You mean now I'm just alone
But what we did wrong?
Actually to this place you do not belong
For you people have hate
Just because of your faith
What about the person who killed my family
Is that terrorist caught or he just flee
Dear child he was no terrorist
From your race he was just pissed
He was non more than mentally ill
So he didn't do anything thing out of will!
Saima Qureshi ©️

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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