Deadly Sins


Alone in the depths of my inner mind

I ponder the sins made in life

The vicious circle that continues to wind

Marked heavily by bloodshed and strife


The deadliest sins to ever exist

Be damned if you, they consume

Deep in the heart, they writhe and twist

And nearly impossible to exhume


Pride is the first, so big and so bold

He walks with his head held high

Always to boast and act such a fool

There is nothing but winning, no try


Lust walks with ease, a graceful walk

Sexual and electrifying to see

Draws close to one’s face, but never to talk

Trying always to satisfy her need


Greed craves the money, wealth, and gold

All riches known to man kind

He craves all the power, to not be controlled

And what truly matters, to never find


Sloth is so slow, and never moves much

Would sleep all day if she could

Life passes fast, and she is but such

The sleeping beauty without good


“Envy the green” she is so often called

Will covet your items, self, and soul

By deadly want, she is quite enthralled

Forever creating a gaping hole


Gluttony, the bottomless pit

Trying to satisfy an endless void

Eats and eats to his heart’s content

Never to be happy, yet always enjoyed


Wrath is so full of anger and hate

It eats him alive, deep inside

To carry such a burdensome weight

Makes happiness forever denied


Each sin has its own deadly quality

But all will kill you so painfully slow

And each of the sins can surely agree

True happiness is something they shall never know


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