The Dead of Night

The incident happened, but nothing remains

The silent night riddles with mystery

Leaves blowing following unknown paths

only to later settle in the wet murky puddle left behind by the rain


A slithering blade of grass found motionless upon his face

Eyes left wide open revealing an unoccupied vessel

A soulless cadaver stretches towards the four corners of the world

Still clinging lifelessly to life


What a crime this darkness is

Hiding ones true intent

showing only what the shadows can no longer hide

At least until its too late


The dead are usually mortified

left with ironic peaceful faces

Mystery is all thats left on their certificates

For death conceals truth just as the darkness


The thick clouds of shadows swallow the surroundings

Snuffing out all light as they follow their masters

Taunting, sneering at the flints of light through open windows

mimicking the dance similar to a wickers candle


Deep misty red hues plague the streets around him

Trickling down the obscure avenue

The ominous cold night has its way of preserving the dead

only to let it decay in the morning


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