My heart bleeds and cry
But my eyes are dry
I wish to weep
But I feel so weak
I've lost it all
Oh what a mighty fall
I sought for mirth and pleasure
Fallen so hard without measure
I lusted after what to eat and drink
Left my future down to shrink
I craved for wealth and power
Mesmerized by the praises they shower
I wandered far apart
Greed beclouded my heart
I strayed away and ruined my life
Raced into doom in all the strife
I'm defeated and I've lost my mind
Solace of death is all I find
I'm held captive by fear
Loud cries are all I hear
Fighting voices in my head
A war between the living and the dead
Dawn resurfaces again
Meets me groaning in pain
Burdened heart bleeding away
Weary mind going astray
What is life with no future
Evil memories and all their torture
Death, oh death, where is thy sting?
Swallow me up and let my ruined life sink

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