Dead & Gone II


United States
43° 5' 3.1272" N, 87° 58' 39.2844" W

I see that your image is clear...
These visible tears,
Drop below the ground’s surface...
They don’t disappear.
Many days I go astray within the scariest blue.
Fighting the weight of the world, but who’s carrying who?
I can’t promise to be the second King that you expect
My confidence is a mess.
I suffer in my neglect.
I’ve been breaking down.
I’m a wreck...
Now these strings on my guitar
are out of tune and popping
snapping dreams that lay afar.

Dreams of love joy and peace,
my thoughts above destroy each piece
I’m looking to guidance from my throne,
but I can’t find the side that I own

Look at the light. Is that my home?
Look at the stars. Are those my goals?
Look at this ladder that I climb,
but down at the bottom I left my

Will you be the one to forgive me?
‘Cause I can’t forgive myself
I’m sick of being so terrified in my body with no help
And I wish that I could be better than what society is demanding
But my wishes just keep falling...
I’m no longer standing.


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