Dead End

You were certain the girl was dead
Sixteen, long blond hair that went down to her waist, shimmering jade green eyes
Dressed in a white nightie and sandals like a hippie in Monterey Bay in the 60's
There were cuts on her wrists and elbows, most likely self-inflicted by the look of it
Bruising on her face, bleeding from her head
There was a pyramid of suspects in the case
The drunk, abusive boyfriend, the weak, unstable stalker
The jealous hipster friend, even the girl's own parents in some kind of conspiracy theory
In the end, you arrested the right person
Or at least you thought you did
The younger sister broke down in tears in interrogation, confessing to the whole thing
She smacked her around and bashed her skull in
Revenge for something that happened long ago, that neither girl even remembered well
Pity such a young, dear life was taken over such a careless, insignificant act
But you supposed that was the nature of humans but you wouldn't know
You hadn't been one for over two hundred years, after all
Perhaps that's what attracted the girl to you
Your purity, your agelessness, your knowledge


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