Dead Birds

Wed, 05/06/2015 - 21:51 -- ktbozer

It was never my fault, period.

I did nothing wrong, it was all his fault.


Just let the leaves fall

It is like a dead bird falling from the sky.

Looks awful but so graceful.

It just makes you want to ask why.


I have hurt you even though I never meant to.

Why do you have to make me feel so low.

It is all your fault with what you have made me do.

The blood will not stop it’s flow.


Have I overstepped the line?

Maybe I have and that’s why you hit me hard.

Painted black and blue was my line.

It hurt but you said I deserved to be charred.


It is all my fault now.

I have let the dead birds tumble from my mouth.

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Our world


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