As days pass by 

As days pass by 

I begin to see myself in the eyes of passersby

I know that I'm hated

And I feel humiliated

But one thing is for sure, I died a long time ago.


The moment I realized that enemies were the only people who surrounded me

Was also the moment when I realized that those were the same people as my 'friends' who wounded me

They blinded and murdered me

From the inside out

If only they realized, that I died a long time ago


When I closed my eyes for a second 

It was a second too long

For when I opened them

I spotted the blade right in my skin

And then I realized, that it didn't hurt

Because I died a long time ago


I always wished to get back with my mama

Talk things out with my papa

See things through the eyes of my grandma

And listen to the lessons taught by grandpa


My wishes cannot come true

For I passed away a long time ago

I'm only a shadow in the daytime

And a ghost by night

I stay to myself

For no one can talk to a lost soul


I died a long time ago 


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