You ask me what dreams are

And I try to explain.

But the words don’t come to me, so I look up and see inspiration.


Dreams are like the clouds, drifting through time,

too far away to hold, so you climb mountains to reach them.


They transform over time,

what could be a bunny might become a shark eating a train.


Objections and put downs might boom like thunder

trying to cut it apart like white fire.

but storms always blow themselves out, into clear blue skies


But if they don’t, immerse yourself in the dream, let it wash away your fears .


And if your get too focused on the present and forget the future

take a moment to go outside and look up and look at the clouds.


Sometimes the sky might be full, sometimes it may have only one on the horizon

But the dreams will always exist.

Almost always out of reach.


While others may take shortcuts and fly up there on metal wings, remember,

that they are entrapped and cannot touch the wonder around them.


You look up at the clouds, so high and far away

and I know someday you will hold one in your hand.



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