The Daydreamer

She enjoyed the silence

Headphones playing the hallway's echoes of her own steps

Sight of nothing but her destination

One hand settled on the top zipper lining of her purse

The other hand burdened with a couple pounds of bound paper and ink of that she couldn't maintain any constant knowledge of its scripts

Whenever she did manage to tear her eyes away from inanimate objects of accomplishment towards her destination, she couldn't recognize any of the passer by's faces

She always kept her head in her book and her pen in her hand while in a classroom setting

Zoning in and out of any lesson at any given point she would doodle hearts and stars, random squiggles and lines

Until the instructor finally said it was time

To leave

She was always relieved

To slide into her mom's van's passenger seat

But she also thought it was neat

To people watch

Longing for small talk that she would never start

From strangers that she would never meet


And again and again

She would refocus her eyes on her feet

Whenever anybody walked by

So discreet

She would peak

Out the corners of her eyes

She would seek

For a smile, she would lie

Just to be considered

Something more than human litter

Because that role didn't fit her

She was beautiful

She was smart

She was punny, but could sometimes be quite funny

And she loved the weather sunny

She was courageous

She didn't like the thought of gauges

She would scatter her poems through multiple pages

Of half assed notes

From classes; quotes

She liked were posted like

The staples in an old wooden phone line from people who only dreamed the same dreams as her

To be heard


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