A Day in My Head


No filter?

Why do I need a filter?

I’m pretty in sweats and a tee

With no make up on

And unkempt hair

My eyes lidded from

Using the computer

And drinking too much caffeine

I may not sound so eloquent

Shouting curses at the computer

Or talking to friends

My grammar may get messed up

And honestly,

It’s a joke that English is my first language

As it took me 18 years

To correctly say the word “yacht”

And yet, speaking in tongues

I can do just fine

When coming out of anesthesia

I look at people

And attempt to be Sherlock Holmes

And end up being John Watson

I may answer the phone

And pretend I’m the receptionist

At the local mental institution

And that you have 5 minutes to plead your case

Or I may answer it in another language

And make you doubt my sanity more

And I go out with my flag and saber

Boombox in hand

And perform some music

Swearing when that bit of choreo

Doesn’t end up right with the music

And I really should add 4 counts here

And does this fit musically?

Groaning about student loans

And wondering why college can’t be free

And wishing I had listened to mom before

And I REALLY need to catch up on Supernatural

Can you believe I’m only on Season 1?

Snark and sarcasm weave themselves into my words

When I’m bored or upset

And apathy will get you nowhere

And I groan about the news

And laugh at politics

And shake my head at the state of the world

And I do a lot of this

In my own room

With the lights on

And my soda nearby

Phone on the charger

For here I can be myself

And don’t have to prove anything to anyone



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