A Day in the life of a 16yo

"Is it so hard to say no?" She asked me
with tears in my eyes, a mommy to be
I gasp for air, the stench of remorse
decisions iv made behind closed doors
lead me only to this point of time in my life
Im sixteen with a future of struggle and strife
Now i clench my sweater sleeves and shrivel inside
I hate to see the disappointment in my mothers eyes
It took months to gather strength enough to say "I love you"
But only moments on top of me then hes finished hes through
He had nerve to utter "im not ready for a baby" under his breath
Does he know how many child births end in the mothers deaths?
He didnt even apologize just started to cry
I plopped down on his bed and let out a sigh
"Will you come with me to tell my mom" i said
He quietly sat next to me on the edge of the bed
He said "Itll be best if you do that on your own"
He didnt say that while i was making him moan!
I left in a fit angrily hurrying
His mother stopped me in midst of my scurrying
She asked "Arrie dear what ever is wrong"
I replied "I think its best you ask your son"
As i arrived home my mother was waiting
I sat on the couch nervous debating
rather i should stay
or walk away
How could i find the words say
"Mom im pregnant!!"
There i had done it
all she could say was
"Is it so hard to say no?"


Carlos Linares

This has some style to it also made me sick reading it (very emotional) nice read!

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