The Day I Realized Inferiority

My heart moves like a battalion riding into battle

I can feel every one of my muscles yelling at me

Like the other side of a frozen lake, coy fish straining in the water

My pulse is beating behind my ears, everything screaming run

But I guess my senses are too overwhelmed

I find myself unable to move, frozen not in fear, but on impact

My brain fires off electric signals searching for an answer

My adrenal glands are pouring into my system

I'm thinking of a way out

And yet I am not trapped except by my own mind

I tell him that i have to be home soon that way I have an excuse

My eyes are stuck toward the sky because I cannot look down

I walk away as calmly as possible until I am out of sight

And my feet make their way against pavement

Thundering a cry of embarrassment and fear all at once

I am moving because I was scared, I am moving because I am free

One more day I am free


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