The Day He Came Back from Dubai

Thu, 02/02/2017 - 12:32 -- courier

He was rude, at first, as he came from his home in Dubai.

She tried to be nice, but him returning the favour was rare.

They fought at first, but then she decided to try

She hung out with him in a stairwell, them as a pair


One day, things changed, and they became less shy

They were happy, they loved without a care

But, a fateful choice was made, and he moved back to Dubai.

She truly didn’t know how to handle it, she couldn’t bear.


Fifteen years she lived without him, by and by.

She became a photographer, she took pictures everywhere.

She would take pictures of anything, but especially the sky.

The breeze through her hair, the sun giving a glare.


Nora, her best friend, tried to pry

She said no, as she became more aware,

She still missed the boy, but she wasn’t sure why.

The feelings she still harboured gave her a scare.


One day there was a change that had everyone on standby

She didn’t find out for a while, though, made her swear

Nobody wanted her to know for fear she couldn’t handle it, she wouldn’t know how to reply.

But Nora wanted her to know, she had to prepare.


She found out herself one day when work made her sigh.

He strolled in, carefree, but she didn’t know who he was til she saw his hair.

It was as curly and soft as the day he said goodbye.

When she realized who it was, it gave her quite the scare.


They laughed and cried, sitting on the dingy floor, feelings let fly.

She was the warning signs that told her beware

She knew one day she’d have to say bye.

That day, she didn’t care, her thoughts were elsewhere.


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