Day Dreamer

Mon, 06/22/2015 - 02:30 -- azsxw1

Sudden 15 minute poem before I sleep because Why not.

Day Dreamer

True light reflect the dreams of Day 
forever does time and freedom soon decay
in the open minded one may wonder
we no longer think hard or reason or ponder

gifts of old do come once more
of muse and writings written from lore
never shall these writings hold ever true
except for the Music written between me and you

times final slumber never will call
when the dreamers evening comes to fall
if for you I mustn't ever wake
forever I'll sleep for your Hands to take

A peaceful slumber life will hold
of dreams and wishes never to unfold
they are boxed with a ring I knew
but My dreams are few when I'm with you

Failure may come and my Passion be great
my movements be shy when a lot is at stake
a Painter moves one brush on the canvas at a time
Much like you have Painted this Heart of mine.


so good night to this world and all who sing Praise
goodnight sweet freedom so lost tied to Graves
goodnight sour people with sour lines to waste
hello my dream so beautiful and such grace.

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