The Day Dreamer

The perception of my delusions is my reality. 
Revealing my vanity to be the causality for my fallacies. 
Or perhaps it is just a hidden doorway to the precipice of my fantasies.
Maybe this is what is causing me to drift away from what is deemed as the majority.
Today the majority is filled with nothing.
That is why tomorrow holds so much uncertainty. 
They say misery loves company and together they are miserable. 
But don't take it from me, 
this lonely little liar.
Who is forced to live alone,
because of his heart's desire.
And to think outside of the box would be somewhat of a paradox. 
And it would only serve as a vexation of my inner thoughts. 
Because my box is constantly expanding,
making it harder for me to escape my own understanding.
...Thinking that I am humble just because I am confessing my vanity. 
If I could just ask my maker for one more favor.
I would just ask Him to forgive me for my cantankerous behavior. 
Because at the pinnacle of my approximation I reach the precipice of my epidemic interpretation.
And I continue to believe that I can manage,
With such a meager comprehension of a standard that is not even a standard. 
The people of this world are only privy to scandalous indulgences,
and continue to reject any moral instructions. 
If you can not be use by definition you are useless,
and what good is a useless soul in the pulpit,
then i heard that there are some that actually use the bible in their pulpit,
then i heard that their are some that actually think that love and peace are useless.
then i heard that their are those that think that their futures are more sublime then the next,
because they are the ones that can write the fattest checks,
if you are truly the “oh so superior majority”,
why not help out the “inferior minority”,
instead you would rather watch them suffer in the gutters,
that is why your earthly wealth is your worth,
and when you leave this beautiful place that we call Earth,
and present yourself to the ultimate master,
he will look at you and shake his head at you the human disaster,
because he knows where your true worth lies,
he knows that it is something that can not be seen with the human eyes.
we are all one,
no one can get better than the next,
until the next gets better first,
now-a-days the truth is a lie,
so i cant even call this a hidden truth.
so just consider these the words that bind me to the lie that is the truth.


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