The day after tomorrow


United States
29° 0' 6.6888" N, 82° 32' 24.8208" W

The world was in shock on 9/11
So many souls wasted and moved into heaven
The worlds went crazy with tearing and crying
It all started when the planes went flying
Dark smoke caused a haze
While the buildings were in ablaze
The sighs could be heard from all over the land
Our lives were no longer grand
Fireman came from all around
To rescue the people from underground
Sadness soon turned to envy and hate
Only God can decide on our fate
Bin laden can run and hide in his cave
But sooner or later he will be in his grave
The army the navy and the marines
Will fight to their death, it’s all in their genes
You’re going to be judged by the almighty above
Your heart is all hate without any love
We will start at ground zero to build all our lives
Plaques for our loved ones and our husbands and wives
The towers will stand once again where they fell
Osama bin laden you can go straight to hell.

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